Ten Tales of Coyote

Coyote is a lovable character who has many faces including creator, problem solver, teacher and trickster. He uses his cunning to teach his friends valuable lessons, his brains to help solve problems and gets himself out of a sticky situation by fooling an unlucky foe.

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This entertaining collection of short stories is a must-read for adults and children who love to read something that will amuse. Adults will love reading these tales to younger members of the family whilst older children will delight in discovering Coyote and his friends for themselves. This book contains the following tales:

  • Coyote, Bear and the Four Seasons
  • Coyote Places the Stars
  • Coyote, the Dancing Mice and the Old Elk Skull
  • Coyote, Mouse and Elk
  • Coyote Helps Mouse Fool Owl
  • Coyote, Fox and the Fishing Hole
  • Coyote and Turtle Outwit Beaver
  • Coyote and the Stranger
  • Coyote and Tip Beetle
  • Coyote and the Small Ray on Sunshine

Each tale can be read in approximately ten minutes, making them ideal for when you have a little time to give yourself a treat or for sharing during story time.

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