Ten Tales of Brer Rabbit

Brer Rabbit is the much-loved cheeky rogue who is always playing tricks on the animals of the forest and farmyard. He shares his world with a variety of engaging characters including grumpy Brer Bear, cunning Brer Fox and his best friend and partner in crime Brer Turtle. These tales offer an opportunity to peek into the adventures of the mischief maker that is Brer Rabbit.

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This amusing collection of short stories is a must-read for adults and children who love to be entertained. Adults will love reading these tales to younger members of the family whilst older children will delight in discovering Brer Rabbit and his friends for themselves. This book contains the following tales:

  • Brer Rabbit and the Vegetable Patch
  • Brer Rabbit Helps Sister Goose
  • Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear and the Fruit Bush
  • Brer Rabbit and the Pot of Honey
  • Brer Rabbit, Brer Otter and the Fish
  • Brer Rabbit, Brer Turtle and the Pimmerly Plums
  • Brer Rabbit and the Moon in the Millpond
  • Brer Rabbit and Brer Turtle
  • Brer Rabbit and the wheelbarrow
  • Brer Rabbit Moves Home

Each tale can be read in approximately ten minutes, making them ideal for when you have a little time to escape the rush of everyday life or for sharing during story time.

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