New Title Release – Coyote Tales Retold

coyote tales 1 smallWe’re pleased to announce our latest collection of trickster character themed short stories ‘Coyote Tales Retold’ had been released and can be downloaded in ebook format from all Amazon sites (

It took the author just over a year of researching and writing to create our latest collection of short stories. We were ready to release in the summer however whilst researching the author discovered it was traditional to read these stories during the winter months only. So we took decision to delay the release to the traditional time.

The book contains the following eight traditional stories:

  • Coyote, Bear and the Four Seasons
  • Coyote Places the Stars
  • Coyote, the Dancing Mice and the Old Elk Skull
  • Coyote, Mouse and Elk
  • Coyote Helps Mouse Fool Owl
  • Coyote, Fox and the Fishing Hole
  • Coyote and Turtle Outwit Beaver
  • Coyote and the Stranger

If you’ve enjoyed our previous collections of trickster themed ebooks then we’re hoping you’ll also enjoy our latest offering.

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