Fox of Moon Meadow Farm

Fox of Moon Meadow Farm book cover
Fox of Moon Meadow Farm book cover

Nestled in a peaceful valley in the English countryside you’ll stumble upon Moon Meadow Farm. You may think life on the farm would be boring, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. The animals that make the farm and valley their home ensure that life is full of surprises.

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In this second Moon Meadow Farm book enjoy the antics of Fox as he hunts along the banks of the river, surrounded by the flowers of the meadows and among the trees of the orchard. Follow him as he patrols the woods and fields and explores every corner of Moon Meadow Farm. Discover how he fools boastful Cat and clever Dog, how he helps Hedgehog out of a prickly problem and solves a problem created by hapless Hare.

This entertaining collection of ten short stories will appeal to those who love the English countryside. Adults will enjoy sharing them with younger members of the family, whilst older children will delight in discovering Fox and his friends for themselves. This book contains the following tales:

  • Fox and the Fleas
  • Fox Gets to the Bottom of it!
  • Fox and Badger Trick Hare
  • Fox and the Damson Fruit
  • Fox and a Prickly Problem
  • Fox Helps the Sheep and Magpies
  • Fox Fools Cat
  • Fox Outfoxes Dog
  • Fox and the Owls
  • Fox and Badger

Each tale can be read in approximately ten minutes, making them ideal for when you have a little time to treat yourself or for sharing during story time.

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