Anansi the Trickster Spider volume one now on sale

Argiope Bruennichi spiderWe’re not sure when the idea for writing a collection of stories featuring Anansi the Trickster Spider happened but we’ll never forget November 2001, as this was the month our first eBook featuring this fun, if not a little naughty character was published on Amazon.

If you’ve not heard of this character then he is part of the long oral tradition of story telling in Africa. The book contains 8 fun stories:

  • Anansi and the gum doll
  • How Anansi got to ride Tiger
  • How Anansi turned an ear of corn into one hundred goats
  • How Anansi won the stories of the Sky God
  • Why Anansi the Spider stays on the ceiling
  • Anansi and the witch named ‘Five’
  • Anansi and the pot of wisdom
  • Anansi and the Tommy (Thompson Gazelle)

Each story can be read in around ten minutes making it ideal for bedtime at home or story time in school.

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